Contacting former acquaintances

If you ever wonder what became of Jones Minor that you sat next to in 1988, fear not - help is at hand! Old Alfredians willing to be contacted can have their (brief!) details listed below. Members wishing to contact any of the listed members can email their own contact details in; they will be forwarded to the listed member. Are any of your old school chums in the box below?

Contactable Old Alfredians

Bennet, Nigel       1973-78

Chapman, Paul       1970-77?

Edgington, Andrew   ?

Farrell, Andrew     ?

Foxon, Jeremy       ?

Haddrell, Michael   1969-76

Haynes, John        1936-41

Lavender, Steve     ?   -76

McGeown, Peter      1969-74

Mercer, Nick        1966-73

Pearce, Tom (Shorty)1958-66 Head Boy 1966

Prentice, Jonathon  1975-82

Ross, David         1968-71

Sillence, Roger     ?

Snowdon, Andrew     1964-71

Stewart, Brian      1967-72

Taylor, Richard     ?

Trinder, Steve      1971-78

Walker, Simon G     1971-78

Williams, Desmond   1957-65

If you know anything about this picture, please get in touch with us. Click to enlarge.

John Haynes has emailed in to tell us that this was 1937/8; John is back row, 9th from the left

Contacting members

If you're already a member of the Old Alfredians, you can request contact details for any of the listed Contactable Old Alfredians using the email link below.

Or just send in your details if you wish to be added to the Contactable list; please include your full name, the years you attended, your email address and whether you were a pupil, teacher or A N Other capacity.